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Islamic Education Institute of Texas

Today, there are six fully accredited academies within the IEIT system. Initially, two schools were opened in 1992 – Darul Arqam Academy – North and Darul Arqam Academy – Southeast. The following year, in 1993, Darul Arqam Academy – Southwest was opened. ILM Academy was opened in 2006 followed by Everest Academy in 2007. The sixth school within the IEIT system, Houston Peace Academy (HPA), opened in 2010. The IEIT School System currently serves almost over 1,100 students at its six campuses with programs ranging from Early Child Care to High School, as noted below:

  • Darul Arqam Academy – North: Pre-K to High School
  • Darul Arqam Academy – Southwest: Currently Paused
  • Darul Arqam Academy – Southeast: Early Child Care to 4th Grade
  • Everest Academy: Pre-K to High School
  • ILM Academy: Early Child Care to 8th Grade
  • Houston Peace Academy: Early Child Care to 5th Grade

The IEIT Board of Trustees (BOT) continues to provide oversight to ensure each school has the resources to position itself for success and follows appropriate standards and guidelines. Increase in enrollment at some of our new schools continues unabated; however, with most of these schools reaching their grade limit, i.e. no new grades can be added, the overall student enrollment is leveling out. Below are highlights from each school.

Enrolled Students

All of our IEIT schools are focused on providing the highest level of Islamic and secular education in alignment with ISDs in their area. Our students participate in many standardized tests, scholastic competitions, sports competitions, and other extracurricular activities with other schools outside of IEIT. As with all private schools, where the tuition rarely covers the expenses, IEIT also has financial challenges that are overcome through the generosity of community donors that allow our annual fundraisers to successfully cover operational deficits. Although IEIT is a subsidiary of ISGH, it has its own 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entity designation. As our student population continues to grow, we would like to thank all of our parents for putting their trust in IEIT and entrusting their children to us to provide them with the required education. We also need to recognize and thank our staff for their dedication and support; their commitment is vital in ensuring that each student has a quality and positive learning experience. The willingness of the BOT and the individual school Advisory Panels to build a positive rapport with students, parents, staff, and community members will InshaAllah add to the success of IEIT. The continued support of ISGH is also recognized and held in high esteem. We would like to encourage parents’ involvement through local informational meetings, parent workshops, parent/teacher conferences, parent surveys, and many other school activities. As IEIT continues to move forward, please know that your time, feedback and support are all greatly appreciated.

Darul Arqam Academy North
11815 Adel Road Houston, TX 77067,
(281) 583-1984
Darul Arqam Academy Southeast
8830 Old Galveston Rd, Houston, TX,
(713) 948-0094
Everest Academy
610 Brand Ln, Stafford, TX 77477,
(281) 261-3030
Houston Peace Academy
16700 Old Louetta Rd, Spring TX 77379,
ILM Academy
1209 Conrad Sauer Dr, Houston, TX 77043,
(713) 464-4720