Board Members


Br. Mohammad Salim Kudia


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Sr. Iman Ali



Br. Mohammet Baianonie


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Sr. Eman Arabi-Katbi


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Mrs. Fiza Butt


Mrs. Fizza Butt is currently a school counselor in Aldine ISD. She has served as an ESL teacher, Team Chair, and now as an administrator in the 16 years she has been with Aldine ISD. Fizza was born in Lahore, Pakistan and came to the U.S at the age 10. She grew up in Long Island, New York and now resides in North Houston with her husband and three children. She received her Bachelor degree in Marketing from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York and worked in the Fashion industry for companies like Liz Clayborn, Jewelry Historian society and various other designers. In 2001, she became a teacher through the Region IV ACP program. After teaching for 13 years she pursued her Master of Education in School Counseling from Lamar University in Texas. She became a certified school counselor in 2015. Even though Fizza has worked in the public school system for most of her educational career she is a huge supporter for the IEIT schools. Her three children have attended Darul Arqam North since Prekindergarten. Two are now college students and one is still attending Darul Arqam North. Fizza strongly believes that sending her kids to DUA North has been the best decision for her children. Her goal is to contribute her expertise to help the I.E.I.T schools not only become the best in Houston but the country as well.


Mr. Camran Khan



Dr. Fatima J. Khan


Dr Fatima Khan is a veterinarian by profession and owns her own small animal practice in Sugar Land, TX. She is currently also working on a Masters of Public Health degree. She has been practicing veterinary medicine in Houston for 16 years. Dr Khan's early schooling was in Saudi Arabia, where she lived for 15 years and attended an Arabic/English School. She moved to Saint Louis, Missouri, finished high school and some part of college, before moving to her hometown of Lahore, Pakistan. She attained her veterinary degree and returned back to the US, making Houston, Texas her home. It is the early part of her schooling in a Muslim, Arab school that she credits the cause of her devotion and belief of Islamic school education being most valuable for the young now. She believes and will always state that you can eventually take a child out of the Islamic school education, but you cannot take the Islamic school education out of the child. She has 3 children, all enrolled in and graduating from an ISGH/IEIT Islamic School since they were 2 years old. She first hand sees the value of Islam in her Houston born children and the confidence they bring forward in understanding cultures and religion. Her passion lays in betterment of education systems and building productive community members, starting with the children.


Br. Yemeen Rahman


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Br. Afaq AJ Durrani


Afaq (AJ) Durrani is the current Chair of the ILM Academy Advisory Panel and was Chairman of the Board of Trustees of IEIT from 2015-2018. He retired from the Islamic Society of Greater Houston (ISGH) Board of Directors after holding various Board (Shura) positions for 11 years. Mr. Durrani is Chair of eMgage-TX, formerly EmergeUSA, a national organization that empowers and trains its constituents in under-represented communities like Muslims, Arabs, and South Asians in TX, FL, MI, PA, NY, VA, CA to be engaged and active citizens via direct grassroots involvement in the American political spectrum. He is a Houston-area political grassroots community organizer who has been elected to the Democratic National Committee (DNC) as a Super Delegate for the 2016-2020 term. He is the first Asian or Muslim elected to the DNC from Texas and was recently elected as Co-Chair of the DNC Interfaith Council.


Dr.Rizwan Quadri


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Br. S. Faisal Afzaal


Mr. Faisal Afzaal is currently a Vice President of Investments with J.P. Morgan. He has been in the Investment and Banking Sector working with several Fortune 100 companies such as Merrill Lynch and Bank of America to name a few. Although he has focused his career in Banking and Financing he has worked in several areas within the field such as Consumer and Business Sales and Services, Advertising and Promotion, Designing and Distribution of Products, Marketing, Management, Quality Control, Money Management, Legal and Tax Advise along with Planning and Consulting. He moved to the U.S. from Pakistan at the tender age of 4 and has lived in Denver and New York however has always considered Houston home. He graduated from The University of Houston with a Business Degree and is married and with three children who have all been a part of the I.E.I.T schools. Mr. Afzaal lives in Sugar Land with his family since 1990 and has been an integral part of the community volunteering and giving back.



Dr. Muhammad Hanif


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